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Sat, 30. June 2007

Puma's White Knight To the Rescue ?

Analysis of the PPR offer for Puma AG, and what it means for its shareholders

spov 19 Puma jul 07.pdf
Thu, 24. August 2006

Opportunities and Challenges in the NHS – As the

Analysis of Funding flows in the NHS, and how the tectonic plats between PCT's and NHS Trusts are starting to shift

spov 18 NHS aug 06.pdf
Tue, 30. March 2004

US Recovery, Elections and OIl Prices

Stock markets are not behaving as predicted at the start of the year. High oil prices are impacting on the US in particular and raising doubts about that economy's recovery prospects, and this will affect the outcome of the next Presidential Election

SPOV 15 US recovery.pdf
Thu, 5. February 2004

Gordon Brown & The State of UK Government Finances

A critical look at recent UK fiscal policy and the outcome for interest rates and the retailing sector

spov_13_feb_04 uk govt finances retail sector.pdf
Mon, 22. December 2003


Oil companies, oil prices and recent capex performance. Results of a Valuebuilder Exercise highlighting some medium problems facing the integrated oil companies

spov 12 dec 03 Oil & Capex.pdf
Fri, 28. November 2003

UK Housing Market, Interest Rates & construction Sector

Analysis of recent Bank of England interest rate decisions and their likely impact on the UK housing market and construction industry

spov dec uk housing sector.pdf
Thu, 3. April 2003

Oil, Iraq & Market Prospects

Tue, 26. November 2002

The Problem with Japan's Banks...

Fri, 2. August 2002

Housing Sector Pivotal to the UK Economy, but interest rate rises not the answer!

Mon, 8. July 2002

German banks more critical of their customers. No longer so ready to bail out the lame ducks!

Sun, 7. July 2002

Euro-promise fades for the German Economy. Any way out of the mire?

Thu, 6. June 2002

Golden Shares, Poison Pills and other impediments to capital allocation - the European Commission's battle continues


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