About us

Brief History
BVA Ltd is a company that embodies many years of experience in banking, asset management, consulting and corporate finance. While the company itself is relatively new, the personnel associated with it have worked with many blue chip organizations and have contributed to the development of valuation methodologies. The company has a sole license to use ValueBuilder™ for valuation and analytical purposes. It also has access to other modern valuation programmes and tools.

Dr. Andrew Black, the Managing Director, was instrumental in developing the ValueBuilder™ model and approach while at Price Waterhouse, and later at PwC as a director. For the last several years this approach has been further developed and refined and now provides a very robust valuation and benchmarking methodology for companies.

Earlier Dr. Black has been engaged as:

At PW/PwC he was engaged in many consulting engagements with many of the world's leading blue chip companies analyzing and implementing Value Based Management projects. Much of the approach has been described in more detail in a best selling book "In Search of Shareholder Value" published in 9 different languages and in several editions.


Consultant Team
The BVA consultant team includes the following associates:


The approach used by BVA ltd has been applied with great success at many large blue chip companies. In particular at:

The company also does work for governmental and other organizations, as well as for asset managers, hedge funds and other financial intermediaries.

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